Synchro Sliding System


The Synchro Sliding System is a modern, motorized solution that brings ease and elegance to the world of sliding doors, room dividers, and partitions. It is characterized by its synchronized, smooth, and silent movement, which is achieved through the integration of advanced technology and precision engineering.

Mechanics of a Synchro Sliding System: The core components of a Synchro Sliding System include:

Motor and Control Unit: The heart of the system, the motor, powers the movement of the sliding panels. It is controlled by a sophisticated unit that allows for customizable settings, including speed and automation.

Tracks and Rollers: These components guide the sliding panels along their path, ensuring a seamless and stable movement. High-quality tracks and rollers are essential for the system’s durability and performance.

Synchronization Mechanism: The system incorporates a synchronization mechanism that ensures multiple panels move in unison, creating a sleek and cohesive appearance.


  • Weight (Kg): 80 to 120
  • Suitable for Glass (mm): 8 to 10
  • Width*Height (mm): 1200 to 3000


  • Synchro Sliding System


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