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Welcome to SlimX: Elevating  Elegance through Glass  Fittings

Welcome to SlimX: Elevating Elegance through Glass Fittings

At SlimX,  we are passionate  about transforming  spaces with the timeless  beauty and  functionality of glass fittings. With a commitment to craftsmanship,  innovation,  and  design  excellence,  we  have  been  a trusted name  in the  glass fittings  industry for  over  two  decades.

Our Story

Founded  in 2000 by Mr.  James Anderson, a visionary architect  and  design  enthusiast,  SlimX was established to fill  a void  in the market for  high-quality,  aesthetically pleasing glass fittings.  Mr.  Anderson’s  dream  was to  make  glass  not just a functional  element but a statement of elegance in architectural  design.  Today,  SlimX continues to turn  his dream into  reality.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to  redefine the way  people  perceive  and  experience glass fittings.  We believe that every  space, whether residential  or commercial, can  be elevated  with  the  right combination  of glass and  hardware.  Our commitment  is to  provide our  customers with the finest glass fittings that blend  seamlessly with  their  vision  and enhance the  aesthetics  and  functionality of their  projects.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Products

Explore  our range  of glass fittings, including  frameless  glass doors, glass  balustrades,  glass shelves,  and  more. Whether you’re  an architect,  interior designer,  or a homeowner with  a vision, we  have the perfect glass fittings to complement your  project.


Join Us in Shaping  Spaces

At SlimX, we  believe that glass  is more  than  just a material;  it’s  a canvas  for  creativity and  elegance.  Join  us in transforming  spaces and  creating  environments that inspire,  impress,  and  endure.

Thank  you  for  choosing SlimX as your partner in elevating  the  beauty and  functionality of your spaces.  We look forward to working with you  to bring  your  glass fitting dreams to  life.

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