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Event 23-26th Nov 2023

Zak Glass Technology Expo

Zak Glass Technology Expo is India's premier exhibition on Flat Glass Processing Technologies. The display profile of the show has a mix of machinery, hardware, accessories, software & finished products. It has emerged as the most effective marketing medium for manufacturers, traders and service providers pertaining to the glass fraternity of India. The event is held concurrently with the Zak Doors and Windows Expo which is focused on fenestration and facade technologies and Zak Aluminium Extrusions Expo which is dedicated to aluminium extrusions and its allied products. The co-location of these 3 events allows them to derive synergy from each other.

This Exhibition

Zak Glass Technology Expo 2023

Over the span of Four exhilarating days at the Bombay Exhibition Center, the Zak Glass Technology Expo unfolded, setting the stage for a remarkable experience. As attendees entered the bustling convention center, anticipation filled the air. Our booth, meticulously set up amidst the energetic ambiance, stood ready to showcase a wide array of innovative products related to various industries, sparking curiosity and excitement.

The journey commenced as participants made their way through the entrance, warmly greeted by our friendly event staff. Registration badges equipped with QR codes seamlessly facilitated access to a multitude of activities, sessions, and interactive exhibits throughout the event, enhancing the overall attendee experience.

The opening ceremony set the tone for exploration, with participants eagerly visiting our booth, posing questions, and expressing interest in our diverse product range. From cutting-edge sliding doors to innovative retail solutions, our exhibit became a hub of inspiration, capturing the essence of advancements within the industry.

Visitors were not mere observers; they actively engaged in interactive demonstrations and hands-on experiences, gaining firsthand insights into the latest industry advancements. Our booth emerged as a treasure trove of inspiration and innovation, leaving attendees with a profound understanding of the possibilities within their grasp.

Networking became a focal point as connections were forged and potential collaborations explored. Informal discussions unfolded during coffee breaks, and the exchange of business cards created an atmosphere of collaboration and camaraderie, fostering relationships that extended beyond the event.

As the curtain descended on these four days, attendees departed with a renewed sense of inspiration, armed with fresh insights and a fervor to implement the latest trends and strategies in their respective businesses. The Zak Glass Technology Expo at Bombay Exhibition Center proved to be a dynamic and engaging experience, offering participants a wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities within the exciting realm of in-store retail.